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RE: Update

On 15-Aug-98 Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> Can I get a show of hands from everybody on the list, as
>> to who's in which category?

2.5 "I think nntp sounds like a good plan; I'm hoping we can find a
   good solution that we all like...but I don't know anything
   about nntp"

> There are some other options, though:
> 3) Develop our own program, based on nntp or some other protocol,
>    for doing it ourselves. The upsides of this are that we know it
>    all ourselves, and we design it for ourselves. The downsides are
>    that we have to actually design and write it, and that there aren't
>    other users out there to test/develop it.
Might not be too hard, especially if we can hack INN itself...

> 5) Forget this concept of networking the news sites. We've gotten quite
>    far on creating a "universal language" for describing news articles.
>    Let's focus on finishing that and actually implementing it, then we can
>    hack together something easy so we can start actually sharing.
Maybe for the short term.... we could atleast debug the protocol.

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