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Re: Update

In message <199808171525.KAA18080@lyn112.tsg.adc.com>, Dave Whitinger writes:
>On 15 Aug, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> Ok, I haven't heard from the 'big players' lately, so I feel kind of
>> out of touch. Can I get a show of hands from everybody on the list, as
>> to who's in which category?
>NNTP sounds like a good plan to me.  
>I think taking comp.os.linux.news is a bad idea - I much prefer a
>closed news service - where people must go through some kind of web
>interface to post articles.  This allows a more controlled interface.
>I think we need to have something that is unquestionably ours.  Going
>out to usenet is a bad idea, imho.
  Agreed.  This service also won't be needed on as many servers initially 
etc., so a closed service is more controllable and better suited to what 
we're trying to do.

>I seriously doubt you will be able to get the authors of INN to strip
>75% of the code for us.  I'm willing to run INN at threepoint.com, but
>is everyone else willing?
  That, plus the support that you'd get.  If you tell people you're having 
problems but running a 75% stripped INN, you might not get that much help :)