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Re: linux news project impressions

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Anybody want to give a shot at a pleasing layout for the news submission
> page? I'll take care of doing the cgi-perl backend that turns it into
> html-formatted text, and then I'll get Chris to tell me what's missing
> between that and xml so we can get it "right".

Turns into html-formatted text?  You don't put it into a database?  I
hate to say it but parsing that out of html is going to be a pain in the
butt. :)  Personally, I generate html from the database.  Do you have
access to such facilities?

> Once that has happened, then we'll start examining what people need to do
> to automate their "news feed" at their site, as well as providing some
> generic xml->useful_text programs (hopefully Chris can help with identifying
> some programs that would be handy there).

That's not tough.  There are quite a few xml parsers out there.  There
are even some perl based ones using Jim Clark's expat.

> Anyway..anybody here good with graphics layout? It doesn't have to be
> perfect -- it just has to be good enough for people to start commenting
> on it.
> (Wow, it's been a long time since I've done cgi.)
> Thanks,
> --Roger

It hasn't been long enough since I've done cgi. :)



Christopher Blizzard