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Re: linux news project impressions

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> >Turns into html-formatted text?  You don't put it into a database?  I
> >hate to say it but parsing that out of html is going to be a pain in the
> >butt. :)  Personally, I generate html from the database.  Do you have
> >access to such facilities?
> Ok, I'm probably throwing around the wrong terms. I was thinking of taking
> the fields from the web form, and throwing markup around them to end up
> with xml that can be handed to sites that want to hear about the submissions.

Ok, that sounds a lot better.  That's what I _thought_ you meant but I
wasn't sure. :)

> But it sounds like you might still disagree with me. :) Are you proposing
> that I keep a database on the same site as the submission page, store it
> directly from submission to the database, and then do a conversion in order
> to mail it to participating sites? (I'm presuming that we'll want to use
> mail initially, until we solve the infrastructure issue. Is that a bad
> assumption?)

Err, I don't really care how you want to store it.  Just as long as I
get xml coming out the other end.  We can use mail entirely if you
want.  Procmail can do wonderful things. :)

Anyway, we should probably put together some proof of concept sites just
to do some testing.



Christopher Blizzard