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Re: Centralized Linux announcements/news list?

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> Currently when you want to announce some new Linux news, you go to a
> half dozen or dozen sites, and you perform the "submit news" ritual at
> each one of these sites. This is a daunting task for a company new to
> the Linux community. 

First, I (and probably a lot of others) appreciate your efforts in
convincing companies to port their software to our favourite OS.

Then you're absolutely right there's overlapping efforts in the community
regarding news resources. But then I think it's completely unnecessary for
a company to add a word about an upcoming release or the planned efforts
of a Linux port. The Linux community is a very quick one. The important
word spreads like a bushfire. As long as it's an important news bit and
the maintainers of each site are as quick as the community itself, the
article will appea in/on each and every important news resource in a
matter of hours.

Just my $0.02

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