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Just so you guys know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...

Term started a bit ago, so I'm trying to do many more things at
once. Right now I'm working on getting the new version of sdoc (the
seul document parser) going and xml/sgml-compliant. That's being
discussed currently in the seul-pub-www list if you want to follow
along (http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/pub/Sep-1998/threads.html).
I hope to have some good progress on that done by later this coming
week. In any case, I'll try to keep you guys informed.

Once the new version of sdoc is ready, I will whip up a couple of
scripts to generate a submission form + associated cgi script,
and we'll take it from there. I can also provide from there some
scripts to parse/manipulate the resulting xml docs that will be sent
to people.

Any, the summary here is that I'm not dead. Treat me as a neat project
that will regain momentum in a couple weeks. Hopefully I'll pop back
out of the woodwork with something to show for myself. :)