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Re: Problem delivered mail


netman wrote:
> mixminion@prank:~/mixminion/bin$ ping prank.dyndns.org
> PING prank.dyndns.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.

Note: the name is resolvable to the outside address, so I'd
guess your are pinging your router here.

> mixminion@prank:~/mixminion/bin$ telnet prank.dyndns.org:48099
> telnet: could not resolve prank.dyndns.org:48099/telnet: Name or service
> not known

That would be a whitespace, not a colon:

$ telnet prank.dyndns.org 48099
Connected to prank.dyndns.org.
Escape character is '^]'.

Or you may want to use openssl which also tests some SSL:

$ openssl s_client -connect prank.dyndns.org:48099
depth=1 /O=Mixminion network/CN=prank
verify error:num=19:self signed certificate in certificate chain
verify return:0
Certificate chain
 0 s:/O=Mixminion network/CN=prank<MMTP>
   i:/O=Mixminion network/CN=prank
 1 s:/O=Mixminion network/CN=prank
   i:/O=Mixminion network/CN=prank
Server certificate

Does your router forward ports from the inside as well?