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Tor fixes HttpProxyAuthenticator privacy flaw

Tor fixes a serious privacy bug for people who use the
HttpProxyAuthenticator config option: Tor would send your proxy auth
directly to the directory server when you're tunnelling directory
requests through Tor. Specifically, this happens when publishing or
accessing hidden services, or when you have set FascistFirewall or
ReachableAddresses and you're accessing a directory server that's not
reachable directly.

The OS X stable bundles now also feature a new Vidalia version (0.0.9)
and a new Privoxy version (3.0.6).


If you use HttpProxyAuthenticator, we recommend you switch to
or stop using it for now. The upcoming (not yet finished)
will have this bugfix too. For people running 0.1.0.x who absolutely
cannot upgrade, here's your patch:

Changes in version - 2006-12-14
  o Security bugfixes:
    - Stop sending the HttpProxyAuthenticator string to directory
      servers when directory connections are tunnelled through Tor.
    - Clients no longer store bandwidth history in the state file.
    - Do not log introduction points for hidden services if SafeLogging
      is set.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Fix an assert failure when a directory authority sets
      AuthDirRejectUnlisted and then receives a descriptor from an
      unlisted router (reported by seeess).

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