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Tor 0.0.2pre22 prerelease is out

I've (hopefully) fixed the server-crash-bug that's been hassling us. We
will see. pre22 should be compatible with pre18, pre19, pre20, and pre21.

Note that 'make install' will clobber your torrc, so back it up if you've
changed it.

******************* IMPORTANT
We switched back from using /usr/local/sbin to /usr/local/bin, which
means if you installed pre21, you will have a 'tor' binary left over in
your /usr/local/sbin, and you'll have to remove it by hand.
******************* IMPORTANT


Improvements since 0.0.2pre21:

New features:
  - Servers publish less revealing uname information in descriptors.
  - More memory tracking and assertions, to crash more usefully when
    errors happen.
  - If the default torrc isn't there, just use some default defaults.
    Plus provide an internal dirservers file if they don't have one.
  - When the user tries to use Tor as an http proxy, give them an http
    501 failure explaining that we're a socks proxy.
  - Dump a new router.desc on hup, to help confused people who change
    their exit policies and then wonder why router.desc doesn't reflect
  - Clean up the generic tor.sh init script that we ship with.

  - If the exit stream is pending on the resolve, and a destroy arrives,
    then the stream wasn't getting removed from the pending list. I
    think this was the one causing recent server crashes.
  - Use a more robust poll on OSX 10.3, since their poll is flaky.
  - When it couldn't resolve any dirservers, it was useless from then on.
    Now it reloads the RouterFile (or default dirservers) if it has no
  - Move the 'tor' binary back to /usr/local/bin/ -- it turns out
    many users don't even *have* a /usr/local/sbin/.