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Tor is released

Tor fixes minor stability and protocol correctness problems,
mainly for Tor servers. We've also upgraded the Windows bundle with
Vidalia 0.0.5, and we're linking to a new OS X bundle with Vidalia 0.0.5
(finally a better interface for Mac users!). Lastly, we've added support
for SUSE-style RPM packages.

We're still tracking down some reported bugs in Tor server reachability


Changes in version - 2006-06-10
  o Crash and assert fixes from
    - Fix a rare crash on Tor servers that have enabled hibernation.
    - Fix a seg fault on startup for Tor networks that use only one
      directory authority.
    - Fix an assert from a race condition that occurs on Tor servers
      while exiting, where various threads are trying to log that they're
      exiting, and delete the logs, at the same time.
    - Make our unit tests pass again on certain obscure platforms.

  o Other fixes:
    - Add support for building SUSE RPM packages.
    - Speed up initial bootstrapping for clients: if we are making our
      first ever connection to any entry guard, then don't mark it down
      right after that.
    - When only one Tor server in the network is labelled as a guard,
      and we've already picked him, we would cycle endlessly picking him
      again, being unhappy about it, etc. Now we specifically exclude
      current guards when picking a new guard.
    - Servers send create cells more reliably after the TLS connection
      is established: we were sometimes forgetting to send half of them
      when we had more than one pending.
    - If we get a create cell that asks us to extend somewhere, but the
      Tor server there doesn't match the expected digest, we now send
      a destroy cell back, rather than silently doing nothing.
    - Make options->RedirectExit work again.
    - Make cookie authentication for the controller work again.
    - Stop being picky about unusual characters in the arguments to
      mapaddress. It's none of our business.
    - Add a new config option "TestVia" that lets you specify preferred
      middle hops to use for test circuits. Perhaps this will let me
      debug the reachability problems better.

  o Log / documentation fixes:
    - If we're a server and some peer has a broken TLS certificate, don't
      log about it unless ProtocolWarnings is set, i.e., we want to hear
      about protocol violations by others.
    - Fix spelling of VirtualAddrNetwork in man page.
    - Add a better explanation at the top of the autogenerated torrc file
      about what happened to our old torrc.

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