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Tor is out

Tor fixes more stability problems with servers. If you still
have crash bugs, please let us know!


  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9.x (crashes and asserts):
    - Add new end stream reasons to maintainance branch. Fix bug where
      reason (8) could trigger an assert.  Prevent bug from recurring.
    - Apparently win32 stat wants paths to not end with a slash.
    - Fix assert triggers in assert_cpath_layer_ok(), where we were
      blowing away the circuit that conn->cpath_layer points to, then
      checking to see if the circ is well-formed. Backport check to make
      sure we dont use the cpath on a closed connection.
    - Prevent circuit_resume_edge_reading_helper() from trying to package
      inbufs for marked-for-close streams.
    - Don't crash on hup if your options->address has become unresolvable.
    - Some systems (like OS X) sometimes accept() a connection and tell
      you the remote host is If this happens, due to some
      other mis-features, we get confused; so refuse the conn for now.

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9.x (other):
    - Fix harmless but scary "Unrecognized content encoding" warn message.
    - Add new stream error reason: TORPROTOCOL reason means "you are not
      speaking a version of Tor I understand; say bye-bye to your stream."
    - Be willing to cache directories from up to ROUTER_MAX_AGE seconds
      into the future, now that we are more tolerant of skew. This
      resolves a bug where a Tor server would refuse to cache a directory
      because all the directories it gets are too far in the future;
      yet the Tor server never logs any complaints about clock skew.