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Tor is out

Thanks to auditing work from Ilja van Sprundel, we've fixed a remote
crash bug. We also took this opportunity to back-port (from 0.0.9pre)
several other fixes to improve stability.

This release should be more stable than 0.0.8. If you want more features,
or want to help me test the newer Tor releases, I recommend looking at
the 0.0.9pre3 release. It includes all of these fixes plus more.

tarball:   http://freehaven.net/tor/dist/tor-
signature: http://freehaven.net/tor/dist/tor-
(use -dPr tor-0_0_8_1 if you want to check out from cvs)

Improvements since 0.0.8:
  o Bugfixes:
    - Fix a seg fault that can be triggered remotely for Tor
      clients/servers with an open dirport.
    - Fix a rare assert trigger, where routerinfos for entries in
      our cpath would expire while we're building the path.
    - Fix a bug in OutboundBindAddress so it (hopefully) works.
    - Fix a rare seg fault for people running hidden services on
      intermittent connections.
    - Fix a bug in parsing opt keywords with objects.
    - Fix a stale pointer assert bug when a stream detaches and
    - Fix a string format vulnerability (probably not exploitable)
      in reporting stats locally.
    - Fix an assert trigger: sometimes launching circuits can fail
      immediately, e.g. because too many circuits have failed recently.
    - Fix a compile warning on 64 bit platforms.