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an abstract, that needs more work

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+We describe our experiences with deploying Tor, a low-latency anonymous
+communication system that has been funded both by the U.S.~government
+and also by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
+Because of its simplified threat model, Tor does not aim to defend
+against many of the attacks in the literature.
+We describe both policy issues that have come up from operating the
+network and technical challenges in building a more sustainable and
+scalable network.
@@ -42,7 +53,7 @@
 provide as much anonymity as we can. In particular, because we
 support interactive communications without impractically expensive padding,
 we fall prey to a variety
-of intra-network~\cite{attack-tor-oak05,flow-correlation04,bar} and
+of intra-network~\cite{back01,attack-tor-oak05,flow-correlation04} and
 end-to-end~\cite{danezis-pet2004,SS03} anonymity-breaking attacks.
 Tor is secure so long as adversaries are unable to