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[or-cvs] tighten some of the tor-legal-faq language.

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tighten some of the tor-legal-faq language.

Index: tor-legal-faq.html
RCS file: /home2/or/cvsroot/website/eff/tor-legal-faq.html,v
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diff -u -d -r1.6 -r1.7
--- tor-legal-faq.html	18 Jan 2005 19:51:14 -0000	1.6
+++ tor-legal-faq.html	19 Feb 2005 22:06:20 -0000	1.7
@@ -66,8 +66,9 @@
 <h2>Has anyone ever been sued for running Tor?</h2>
-<p><strong>No.</strong> Further, we believe that running a Tor node is
-lawful under U.S. law.</p>
+<p><strong>No.</strong> Further, we believe that running a Tor node,
+including a Tor exit node that allows people to anonymously send and
+receive traffic, is lawful under U.S. law.</p>
 <h2>Should I use Tor, or encourage the use of Tor, for illegal purposes
@@ -93,7 +94,10 @@
 and Tor is no exception to the rule. Presently, no court has ever considered any
 case involving the Tor technology, and we therefore cannot guarantee
 that you will never face any legal liability as a result of running a
-Tor server.</p>
+Tor server. However, we believe so strongly that you shouldn't be liable
+for traffic that passes through your Tor server that we're running our
+own Tor server.
 <h2>Will EFF represent me if I get in trouble for running a Tor