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[or-cvs] slight rewording of nrl"s role in tor

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slight rewording of nrl's role in tor

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@@ -131,8 +131,9 @@
 learn both the source and destination of the packets, giving users
 protection from nefarious snooping on network traffic.  Tor protects
 users against hazards such as harassment, spam, and identity theft.
-In fact, even the U.S. Naval Research Lab has recognized Tor's value
-when it helped to fund development of the software. (For more on Tor,
+In fact, initial development of Tor, including deployment of a
+public-use Tor network, was a project of the U.S. Naval Research
+Laboratory, with funding from ONR and DARPA. (For more on Tor,
 see <a href="http://tor.eff.org/";>http://tor.eff.org/</a>.)  As an
 organization committed to
 protecting the privacy of its customers, I hope you'll agree that