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People need to know their IP or else they dont know if it has changed. Task #137

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 DNS requests when it uses a SOCKS proxy directly</a>. Privoxy also gives
 you good html scrubbing.</p>
-<p>To test if it's working, go to 
+<p>To test if it's working, you need to know your normal IP address so you can
+verify that the address really changes when running Tor.
+If you are using Linux or OSX your local IP address is shown by the <tt>ifconfig</tt> 
+command.  Under Windows go to the Start menu, click Run and enter <tt>cmd</tt>. 
+At the command prompt, enter <tt>ipconfig</tt>. If you are behind a NAT/Firewall
+ you can use one of the sites listed below to check which IP you are using.
+When that is done, start Tor and Privoxy and visit any of the sites again.
+If everything works, your IP address should have changed.
 <!--<a href="http://peertech.org/privacy-knoppix/";>peertech</a>, -->
 <a href="http://www.junkbusters.com/cgi-bin/privacy";>junkbusters</a>,
 <a href="http://www.network-tools.com";>network-tools</a> or
 <a href="http://ipid.shat.net";>ipid</a> 
-and see what IP it says you're coming from.
+are sites that basically shows your present IP so you can see 
+what address you're coming from.