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performance tuning...

Hi All,

I'm wondering what if anything I can due to tune my system (spoon) for
maximum tor performance (and I suppose how to judge what that is).

This may be a bit gratuitous since it's usually in the top 3 as listed
on http://serifos.eecs.harvard.edu:8000/cgi-bin/exit.pl?sortbw, but
I'm confused by it's wandering bandwidth claims, from about 1M -> 1.5M
as this doesn't seem to relate to system load.

I'm running on Linux (Debian Sid) on a fast machine (dual
2.4GHz Xeon 2G RAM) with a fast network connection (1G localally with
dual 100M exits to the internet at large).

Tor currently uses a good bit of CPU, but not to the point it
interferes with the normal operation of this machine, I'd liek to get
it to the point that it does and then back off from there a bit.

So any dark voodoo in syctl settings or anything that people have to
offer? Would it be worth recompiling with -march=pentium4 or other