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Re: Publishing node IPs

I think that, above all, the EFF supports choice. It is an
administrator's choice (and right) to completely block Tor users
should they choose to do so. This administration cannot legally force
you to view their web site or connect to their IRC server or IM

Tor isn't designed for ban evasion in media such as IRC that use IP
addresses for user authentication. Networks like freenode that support
Tor still occaisionally find it necessary to restrict access to Tor
users, especially during ongoing attacks.

Tor provides privacy and anonymity, it does not inherently protect
your right to free speech for a good reason: the software has no way
of knowing whether or not your freedoms are infringing on the rights
of others. Your rights end where mine begin: for example, you have
freedom of speech and expression so long as it does not interfere with
my human rights; and on a server I administer, I have the right to
make the rules so long as they do not conflict with legislation in the
server's jurisdiction.

If I choose to restrict all Tor users, then so be it; that's my choice
to make. I just need to be aware that I'm probably taking away more
from users than I am adding to their experience and possibly need to
consider other user authenticity verification methods such as
requiring code verification images to be copied and submitted.

On 4/17/05, Philip Cheney <chihowa@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm not a lawyer, but I'd think that a published list of servers could
> be quite helpful in a legal defense, if it ever came to that for
> anyone.
> On Apr 17, 2005, at 7:28 PM, alexyz@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >> Well, how else will Tor clients learn about how to contact Tor
> >> servers?
> >
> > I understand the need to keep a list in a central server for initial
> > connections. But why make this
> > list public by publishing the IPs in a webpage?
> >
> > Isn´t it ambiguous that an anonymous network is identifying itself? By
> > making the node IPs
> > public, there is an implicit message saying "hey everyone afraid of
> > me, here is how to block
> > me".
> >
> > Granted there are other ways to obtain that information. But
> > considering that the likely attackers
> > of this network include governments, I wouldn´t make it easier for
> > them.
> >


Rachel Llorenna (frequency)