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Re: philosophical issues

Torsdag den 21. april 2005 16:36 skrev Roger Dingledine:
> On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 11:46:05AM -0300, alexyz@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
. What happens if an attacker
> > decides to run a server to disguise his own wrong-doing? When
> > questioned, he could just point to the server and say it came from
> > Tor network. As it is anonymous, he can´t detect the source, blah blah
> > blah, he walks. Or, he is demanded to prove his innocense.
> > In either case, the outcome is unacceptable, they are both wrong! The
> > thought of this situation really scares me, what do you
> > think?
> It is already the case that accusers need more proof than "it came
> from your computer." 

And that goes for most crimes. Freedom do make crimes more diffult to solve. 
At least short-term.

- A person cought with stolen goods, will say he bought it from an unknown 
man, because he is not required to register every deal he makes.

Every day thousands of criminals are released because of lack of evidence.  

Niels Elgaard Larsen

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