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Re: DIR-Port not reachable...

Am Samstag, den 01.04.2006, 18:01 +0200 schrieb Peter Palfrader:

> Reachable for me.  For how long have you seen this warning?  Maybe it
> goes away in a while?

The last days every 20 minutes. Hoped it would go away, but never
did... :-(

I just tried an update, to , before i used, but
doesn't changed anything. Same error, but tcpdump prints me a lot of
packets with local sourceport 9030. Didn't changed firewall or torrc.
In the log there are two interesting messages:

> Apr 01 18:50:36.638 [notice] directory_handle_command_get(): Client asked for the mirrored directory, but we don't have a good one yet. Sending 503 Dir not available.

If I'm not totally stupid that means that a client succeded connection to port 9030...


> Apr 01 18:50:36.979 [warn] router_mark_as_down(): We just marked ourself as down. Are your external addresses reachable?

Can you tell me what that mean? I suppose its not normal.


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