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Re: Tor t-shirt

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 07:53:17PM -0400, Josh wrote:
> I requested a free Tor t-shirt for running an exit node,
> according to:
> http://kxwgnlghk3xdaxye.onion/

Just to be clear, this mail was sent almost a year ago, and I'm told
EFF has roughly zero of these shirts left. Nobody has made a new batch.

I'm working with EFF so we can let people send checks to EFF rather than
to me for Tor donations, which would mean the checks for Tor would be
tax-exempt. There has been talk of doing another batch of Tor shirts and
treating them like they treat the EFF shirts -- for people who donate
past a certain threshold they can get a "free" shirt back if they want.

I'm ok funding a batch if they end up approximately paying for themselves
eventually. Is this something we should do? It's always good seeing more
Tor shirts at Tor talks. :)