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Re: Using TOR? get lost!


* vukki starborn <vukki.starborn@xxxxxxxxx> [060407 09:43]:
> Not long ago i've got interesting reply from one of the IRC servers:
> --- You (*@ are banned from this server: Tor proxy detected.
> --- Closing Link: ********[id@xxxxxxxxxxxx] (K-lined: Tor proxy detected.)
> So, it means that server denies connection because the client is using
> tor.
> Questions:
> 1. Did anyone from community experienced such, eh, "discrimination"?
This is happening on some IRC networks out there (namely quakenet)
> 2. How they realised that connection torified? blacklisted ip?
The list of running tor servers is publically accessible just as for
tor clients/servers.

> 3. Though the people running server is in their rights to refuse any
> connection (as mentioned in their disclaimer), to what consequences
> may lead widespreading of such policies? If owners of the popular
> services will refuse torified users, how one can get anonymity?
Not on that particular network I am afraid.



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