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Tor is out

This is the fourth release candidate for the 0.1.1.x series.
Please let us know if you find bugs, because I expect only one
more release candidate before the real thing.

It adds a fifth authoritative directory server, and fixes a lot
of bugs in threshold decisions around directories.


Changes in version - 2006-04-10
  o Major fixes:
    - Work harder to download live network-statuses from all the
      directory authorities we know about. Improve the threshold
      decision logic so we're more robust to edge cases.
    - When fetching rendezvous descriptors, we were willing to ask
      v2 authorities too, which would always return 404.

  o Minor fixes:
    - Stop listing down or invalid nodes in the v1 directory. This will
      reduce its bulk by about 1/3, and reduce load on directory
    - When deciding whether a router is Fast or Guard-worthy, consider
      his advertised BandwidthRate and not just the BandwidthCapacity.
    - No longer ship INSTALL and README files -- they are useless now.
    - Force rpmbuild to behave and honor target_cpu.
    - Avoid warnings about machine/limits.h on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.
    - Start to include translated versions of the tor-doc-*.html
      files, along with the screenshots. Still needs more work.
    - Start sending back 512 and 451 errors if mapaddress fails,
      rather than not sending anything back at all.
    - When we fail to bind or listen on an incoming or outgoing
      socket, we should close it before failing. otherwise we just
      leak it. (thanks to weasel for finding.)
    - Allow "getinfo dir/status/foo" to work, as long as your DirPort
      is enabled. (This is a hack, and will be fixed in 0.1.2.x.)
    - Make NoPublish (even though deprecated) work again.
    - Fix a minor security flaw where a versioning auth dirserver
      could list a recommended version many times in a row to make
      clients more convinced that it's recommended.
    - Fix crash bug if there are two unregistered servers running
      with the same nickname, one of them is down, and you ask for
      them by nickname in your EntryNodes or ExitNodes. Also, try
      to pick the one that's running rather than an arbitrary one.
    - Fix an infinite loop we could hit if we go offline for too long.
    - Complain when we hit WSAENOBUFS on recv() or write() too.
      Perhaps this will help us hunt the bug.
    - If you're not a versioning dirserver, don't put the string
      "client-versions \nserver-versions \n" in your network-status.
    - Lower the minimum required number of file descriptors to 1000,
      so we can have some overhead for Valgrind on Linux, where the
      default ulimit -n is 1024.

  o New features:
    - Add tor.dizum.com as the fifth authoritative directory server.
    - Add a new config option FetchUselessDescriptors, off by default,
      for when you plan to run "exitlist" on your client and you want
      to know about even the non-running descriptors.