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Re: getting tor to start at boot on mac osx

On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 11:36:12PM -0700, user165@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 2.2K bytes in 50 lines about:
: 	I looked through the console logs, and couldn't find any errors  
: relating to tor.  I'm kind of new to this osx (and unix) stuff.
	Tor doesn't actually report it is starting in system.log.  The
	StartupParameters.plist in /Library/StartupItems/Tor requires
	the Network be up before Tor will start.  Privoxy also requires
	this, so if Privoxy does start, then the Network is online.
	Privoxy generally starts far earlier in the boot process than

	I've seen this problem sporadically as well on my own machine.
	It generally appears if the network hiccups on start, or is
	delayed, then Tor never is started; yet Privoxy does start.  

	I opened a flyspray task to remind me to investigate this