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Re: IP resolving

On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 03:43:25PM -0700, Brian C wrote:
> I just started getting these warnings in my tor server logs.
> Running and wondering how to resolve. (I did a little
> scrubbing of domain names and IP addresses below).
> Apr 21 14:12:23.936 [notice] resolve_my_address(): Could not resolve
> guessed local hostname 'subdomain.domain.tld'. Trying something
> else.

This looks like you are trying to run a server, but your server can't
lookup it's own hostname in DNS.

> Apr 21 14:12:23.937 [notice] resolve_my_address(): Learned IP address
> '' for local interface. Using that.
> Apr 21 14:12:23.937 [warn] resolve_my_address(): Address '<guessed from
> interfaces>' resolves to private IP '192.168.#.##'. Tor servers that use
> the default DirServers must have public IP addresses.

And *this* looks like the only address Tor could find is a private
address on the 192.168.0.x private network.

To be a server, Tor needs to have a public IP and know about it.  You
should set your public Aadress in options->Address, and make sure port
forwarding is working.  See



Nick Mathewson

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