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Re: Lower minimum bandwidth?

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I've often wondered about a lower bandwidth offering, myself, for
the same reasons cited. Even at 20KB, my adsl upstream is just
killed for any other  uses. Simple web pages take forever to load:
I may as well be using a tor client :)

I've run tor server(s) on and off for the past 18 months or so, but
especially in the past 6 months, I just decided that even at 20KB
it just slowed everything else down too much. Even wifey noticed!

While I'm at it though, I have considered perhaps running a tor
server at full throttle when I'm sleeping (let's say between
midnight and 6am in my time zone), then perhaps at a lower throttle
whilst I don't need the server, and then killing the tor node when
using the server for other tasks.

This could be automated using cron, but is this desirable on the
client side of things? That is, my node wouldn't be offering a
consistent bandwidth nor a consistent uptime, and does the tor
world really want that?

Perhaps it would simply be better to operate a middleman node
whenever I could, receiving satisfaction with the knowledge that
I'm helping as much as I can, when I can.

Personally, I *never* use Tor as a client, other than for very
brief experimental purposes. However, I'm extremely interested in
anonyminity and privacy issues, and I really wish to contribute as
much as I can.


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