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LiveCD For Testing

I'm currently seeding a rather large experimental Tor/TorK LiveCD (675 MB!).


The CD is based on Knoppix and was created using the procedure documented at:


The only part of the procedure not fully implemented is 'Removing unnecessary 
packages'. I drew up a shortlist on the wiki page this morning, so if anyone 
can think of other worthy removals, please add them there.

I understand that without a full diff from knoppix sources the LiveCD is 
mystery meat and not particularly GPL compliant to boot. I think this is 
something to address in the medium term, when/if it ever begins to take shape 
as a serious proposition. I believe the Knoppix sources are available at: 

I have about 40KB/s TX bandwidth on my home connection, so if you manage a 
full download please continue to seed.

Elements of the CD that need some attention:

* Firefox - firefox sessions load from tork with pretty much everything 
disabled. The next version will have Mike Perry's torbutton - which looks 
like the most sensible way of doing things. I also haven't attempted to strip 
any plugins yet.

* Firewall - just a basic firewall is used. No attempt is made to block 
outgoing dns requests. Instead these are tracked and reported in a very 
rudimentary, not-exactly-foolproof way by tork. I guess this comes down to 
whether an anonymous cd should permit non-anonymous browsing.

* Policy on software included. What applications should the CD include? Should 
the user want/be able to print? Should there be more than one type of CD 
offered, full featured vs just browsing?

* Are there security features that the wiki page doesn't even mention or 

Anyway, be gentle! I'll probably try to create a new and improved version of 
the CD every few weeks for the next while. 


KlamAV - An Anti-Virus Manager for KDE - http://www.klamav.net
TorK   - A Tor Controller For KDE      - http://tork.sf.net