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Re: Another Method to Block Java Hijinks

Roger Dingledine wrote:
Kyle: this would be more useful if it didn't depend on a non-free vm
player. Do any of the free software variants of VMWare actually work
well enough for this approach?

I've been running Tor clients and servers under VMWare Server for a while now. I do my secure browsing inside a dedicated VM, and my firewall is set up to block all outgoing traffic from the VM. The VM connects directly to my Tor server (on another VM, though that's not as important) which itself connects to the outside world. It's not quite ideal because in theory that VM could snoop around my LAN and report on stuff, but I could disable that with some more work (putting that VM in a dead-end virtual network so it can't talk to anything except a Tor server), I'm just lazy and don't think that's really likely to be an issue.

VMWare Player ought to be possible to set up so that it runs behind a DHCP server on whatever is running VMWare. VMWare Server definitely is.