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Using a Proxy with Tor

Hi, I had a couple of questions regarding setting up a Proxy with Tor that I would appreciate any insight on.


1) When setting a proxy, via the HttpProxy/HttpProxyAuthenticator commands, does anything else need to be set, or are these the minimum set of commands needed? Currently, my torrc file simply contains the following (which doesn’t seem to be working as expected):

HttpProxy myproxy.com:port

HttpProxyAuthenticator myusername:password


2) Do both the HttpProxy AND HttpsProxy commands need be set in order to get the proxy to work (along with the authenticator information if applicable), or do I choose only one depending on the address of my proxy?


When I put the HttpProxy/HttpProxyAuthenticator commands in my torrc file, and took a look at the traffic through a network analyzer, it doesn’t show the behaviour that I expected: That is, it shows that all traffic is still going from my local computer to the Tor nodes directly, rather then via the proxy.



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