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Re: privoxy + ssh socks proxy

devel <dev001@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am trying squid cache connect to privoxy and this to ssh socks server
> to another machine.
> client->squid:3128->privoxy:8118->[socks openssl]:9050->sshd:22->
> [internet, or tor in this machine]

Privoxy supports socks4 and socks4a only, but I believe
that ssh only supports socks5. It may also supports socks4,
but last time I checked it didn't support socks4a.

If you want to reach some websites directly (without Tor),
it would probably be the best solution to move Privoxy to
the system that is already running Tor, and use stunnel
or ssh port forwarding between Squid and Privoxy.

If you want to use Tor for every web connection anyway,
you might as well use stunnel or ssh port forwarding
between Privoxy and Tor.


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