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Re: Tor nodes blocked by SORBS (thus; e-gold+++)

> No, its just SORBS, thay havnt got a clue. Avoid with long bargepole....

Quote, mr. Dingeldine at "What The Hack", July 2005:

"If you're still using SORBS then I feel sorry for you". I did a (Scr|G)oogle 
seach for SORBS just now 


and it turns up all these pages talking about how bad SORBS is, and how their 
delisting policy can be described as "extortion"


Services like e-gold can use any kind of spam-solution they want, but perhaps 
education can at least be part of a solution. If you e-mail them and 
say "Please stop using SORBS, they block a whole lot more than they should" 
and you give them references and examples and explain how their list is 98% 
innocent IPs then perhaps e-gold will stop using Tor. 

Personal example: My e-mail DNSBL configuration was cut-and-paste off some 
howto webpage and it included SORBS. Then I learned about how SORBS blocks 
anyone and anything for any or no reason and then I checked every DNSBL 
service I used, their policy, who runs them and so on, and then I removed 
half of the DNSBLs I used. It may be that E-gold are not intentionally 
scamming Tor-users. It may just be that they have no idea how stupid it is to 
use SORBS for anything.