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(while we're on the subject..)

Using the same testing method, AHBL's standard dnsbl lists 14 of the routers, but they have a second one (tor.ahbl.org) that lists 823 of them (only 63 return NXDOMAIN).

It's also not rocket science to run a client (or wget the directory from router/tor) and parse it for the IPs.

TOR's developers have always made it clear that people can block them, and even has a Google SoC project to write their own dnsbl,

It was just a business decision on behalf of eGold .. I'm guessing their risk analysis folks looked at the fraud numbers and saw a few too many from addresses associated with proxies (as always, a few bad apples spoil the lot...).

Ironic though, since eGold's claim to fame is making anonymous payments. Why wouldn't they want someone to make an anonymous payment *anonymously*?