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Exiting only port 80


Am I right in thinking that most people use Tor for web browsing, over
ports 80 and 443? And am I right in thinking that most of tors bandwidth
is used up by a minority of users, using services that require much 
higher amounts of bandwidth, such as ptp traffic? These are just guesses,
but I couldn't find any data about how much traffic Tor is pushing over
various ports, and would appreciate being pointed in the direction of
it if it exists!

If I am right, wouldn't the majority of the tor user base be better
served if a collection of exit nodes only exited port 80 and 443
traffic? Does that have privacy implications? I initially thought
I should configure up my node to exit all traffic except for certain
ports, but after giving it more thought, it seemed the wider network
would be better off having more available http/https traffic.