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Smallest cheapest device to run a tor home server?

Hello Everone ( I am new ),

i love Tor and i want to contribute.
First of all does it make sense to run a tor relay on a ADSL line. I would be willing to share 30-40kb a sec 24/7.
I have a linux WLAN router ( DD-WRT ) with 125 Mhz, 4 mb flash and 16 mb RAM ( 3 mb free ). Is that enough to run Tor?
( I didnt find any recent ipk packages .. so i guess it is not worth it otherwise people would do it ... )
Would a 32 mb device with 200 mhz do the trick? Or what about the NSLU2 or the Linkstation. Or is a used laptop the best choice?
So many questions :) ( BTW i didnt find any requirements on the homepage )



PS: sorry for asking, but i already asked on the german CCC list but didnt get any definite answers.