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seeking advice on configuring Tor/Vidalia to run as relay on ubuntu 7.10 [gutsy]


I have recently migrated from windows to linux ubuntu 7.10 [gutsy] &
I'm in the process of configuring Tor as relay server. I have found
these instructions:


Could anyone advise if these instructions look like they will work? I
will probably use the latest tor-rc. Also, can anyone point me in the
direction of some reliable instructions for upgrading to new versions
of Tor/Vidalia after Tor/Vidalia has already been installed & is
running as server on ubuntu 7.10.

I read recently on or-talk of some problems regarding running
Tor/Vidalia on ubuntu but have been unable to find the or-talk thread
for this! Is this problem now resolved? Could someone post a link to
this thread or give me some advice to overcome the previously
documented problems? I am fairly new to linux & in this respect clear,
easy to follow instructions would be appreciated.

Many Thanks,

john smith