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Making Google Angry

This is in regards to 

A while back, I found advice that users could increase their 
security using Tor by having programs run on their computer that 
would use the Tor Network, so it would be harder for another 
individual monitoring traffic to tell if the user was actively 
using the Tor Network or not; such a program would make it look 
like the Tor Network was constantly in use by the user.

So, in my search to create "garbage" traffic, just any useless, 
random requests I could have some program send through the Tor 
Network, I found and used the "TrackMeNot" extension for Firefox.

Now, I can only assume Google, along with any of the other search 
engines, don't appreciate this, but it was intended as a quick fix, 
and it seemed to serve the purpose I wanted it to fulfill.

The downside being that while I'm probably not causing all the 
Google errors people are encountering, it seems as if I'm probably 
causing quite a lot of them. Before I tried this, I occasionally 
got an error from Google; with TrackMeNot enabled, I ALWAYS get 
errors when trying to search on Google.

So, I'm still looking for an alternative: a program that would send 
random garbage data across the Internet through the Tor Network, 
but that wouldn't cause any harm.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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