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Re: TTL settings for Tor

> Is there a way to tune TCPIP parameteres in Windows to better work with Tor?

Short answer -- no.  Tor's slowness is at the application layer, you
won't achieve much by tweaking the transport layer.

> For example, should DefaultTTL be increased, so that packets don't expire
> in transit?


> What TCPWindowSize is better suited for Tor?

This is not specific to tor -- you should set this to be larger than
your bandwidth-delay product.  Since Internet paths tend to be in the
20 to 300 ms range, if you've got enough memory you may want to set it
to one-third your throughput in *bytes* per second.

For example, if you're running on a 1Mbit ADSL line, you should set it
to 42 kB or more (1000000 / 8 / 3).

A few caveats:

 - do *not* tweak your TCP windows if you're running Windows Vista or
   a recent Linux (don't know about the BSDs); these systems do
   automatic tuning, and are likely to do a better job than you;
 - do *not* tweak your TCP windows if you are a gamer; increasing
   your TCP windows will increase your latency;
 - do *not* tweak your TCP windows if you're short on memory; you pay
   for one TCP window for every single TCP socket.