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Re: torsec exit behaves badly?

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 10:47:51PM +0300, ygrek wrote:
>  Try it http://google.com.torsec.exit/ 
>  Looks like torsec injects some JS and/or redirects to adware sites

Interesting. My first thought is that it's some Windows software that
intercepts port 80 traffic for the user and tries to sanitize his
browsing experience.

My second thought is that the user's ISP is trying to launch some sort
of attack on the user's browsing habits, e.g. like Phorm.

One of our google-summer-of-code projects is going to be looking at
automating exit relay scanning and giving real-time updates to the
directory authorities so they can notice and punt nodes like this. (Doing
it manually doesn't work very well, it turns out.)