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Re: [OT] mitigating or defeating syntax analysis

As a kind of *poor man*, temporary approach, you could add some slight
[random] noise, then use [lazy thesaurus mode so to speak] a spell-checker to
remove it. (If you know AWK or Perl, that's trivial, you don't have to be that
gifted programmer ... I wonder if there is not something at cpan.org already.)
Ditto with a thesaurus (and no noise) directly.

I would write my own expert program (deconstruct-synthesize-etc.) ... provided
I would have such a need--I don't ... not yet (but the *trend* is bad, very
bad), I mean. (And then exclusively as GPL software.)

As a preliminary, no-nonsense extra, you could adopt the *trick* good
translators use: first read WELL the source text, then put out of reach the
original, and write the destination text without looking back. Works well from
language A -> A also, within the realm of the same language that is. Repeat a
couple of times, with not too tiny dt's. (You will wonder how much the output
differs from the input.) I am assuming one doesn't need that kind of anonymity
every time ...

Notice that there is plenty of other *meta-factors* to consider moreover--of
the genre [example]:

    [U]sing tor with Polipo: Polipo has some rather specific traffic patterns
    (aggressive pipelining, range requests) that make it rather easy to spot.
    The websites you access won't know who you are, but they might realise
    you're running Polipo.^1

and similar.


     1. "Polipo is a caching HTTP proxy," and is IMO the best proxy you can
find around. Don't, on the other, know how popular it is, guess not that much.
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