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Re: [OT] mitigating or defeating syntax analysis

> whereas others are pretty unsuitable to resisting the more successful
> approaches in this field.

agreed, with possibly social engineering [*provoking* and tricking the sender
e.g.] being the hardest to defend via software.

On the other hand, and quoting Adorno, --to make/keep people stupid demands
the same energy it needs to make/keep them intelligent.-- I suspect the
*watchers* don't have too many *willige Helfers* who belong to latter

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS   tak bisa menari dikatakan lantai yang
SSSSS . s l a c k w a r e  SSSSSS   berjungkit--cannot dance but blame the
SSSSS +------------ linux  SSSSSS   floor as uneven [blaming the wrong reason]