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server addresses

     It seems to me that there ought to be a way to advertise multiple IP
addresses for a tor server running on a machine that has multiple interfaces.
If multiple Address lines could be specified in torrc, however, that would
seem to cause a problem with the format of a descriptor in the directory.
This would allow some spreading of bandwidth over multiple links where they
are available, though it would not enable real balancing.
     Secondly, there ought to be a way to advertise a different address for
the DirPort from the address for the ORPort, which would allow the server
operator to separate the two kinds of traffic onto different subnets or
point-to-point links.  Perhaps a capability for multiple addresses for the
directory service would also be a good thing.
     At present, about the only things available like this are a) the various
*ListenAddress lines in torrc, which depend upon RDRs in a router somewhere,
and b) the OutboundBindAddress line, which actually is more likely to defeat
balancing than to aid in it.

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