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Re: getting more exit nodes

--- Alexander Bernauer <alex-tor@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The purpose of client-exit nodes is to give
> anonymity to the pseudo-exit nodes. 
> Concerning exit policies we think that propagating
> any client-exit information weakens the anonymity of

> the pseudo-exit node because it makes the client- to

> pseudo-exit link traceable.
> But as far as we can see it would always
> weaken the anonymity of the pseudo-exit node 

I really don't understand why pseudo-exit node
anonymity is so important?  The only thing that you
are trying to do is remove the pseudo-exit node's IP
from logs right, not to actually make it anonymous. 
In other words you are simply trying to make the
pseudo-exit node less responsible for any abuses
exiting it along with trying to prevent its IP from
being filtered by web sites right?  If so, simply
making the client-exit node not log where it connected
to should be enough right?  Why try and hide the
pseudo-exit node anymore than that, especially if it
is not enhancing the anonymity of the tor user?  After
all, even if the pseudo-exit node were identified, it
could not be statically filtered if it uses different
client-exit nodes all the time right?  The client-exit
nodes will end up being filtered instead.  What am I


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