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Re: tor legal help in canada

     On Tue, 29 Apr 2008 23:50:01 -0400 krishna e bera <keb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>i run Tor exit node cyblings01 which is in Canada.
>i got a notice of copyright infringement from my ISP Rogers:
>i have drafted a reply as follows:
>any comments appreciated before i send final copy, tomorrow evening.

     Your item 3) states, "My computer is running GNU/Linux and is not
infected with any malware or rootkits which might allow infringement
unbeknownst to me."  If you really believe such a confidently sweeping
statement, then I certainly would choose someone else to put in charge of
computer security.  :-)  
     Consider this alternative:  "My computer is running GNU/Linux and is
therefore not affected by malware or rootkits targeting Microsoft Windows
operating systems that might allow infringement unbeknownst to me."
>also does anyone have relevant legal tips and templates for Tor operators in Canada?
     Can't help you there, I'm afraid.  I know little about Canadian law,
except that it lacks some critical constitutional protections found in the
U.S. Constitution.  (Not that that really matters here, I suppose, now that
our Constitution has been abandoned and our lawful government displaced by
the world's most powerful merger of crime syndicates.)

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