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Re: DETACHED streams

I think, that the exit node of your circuit can't be exit node.
Can you post servers descriptors wich are in the circuit?

something like this: "getinfo desc/name/youservername".

2009/4/7 slush <slush@xxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> Im playing around Tor control port, own streams and own circuits. Im
> surprised, that Tor sometimes say me "STREAM xxx is DETACHED from
> circuit xxx" just few seconds after I obtain "SENTCONNECT" message. Do
> anybody know why?
> Im trying to build own circuit, but when Tor detach my stream in some
> cases, my connection is broken...
> Thanx,
> Marek
> P.S. Sorry for english, 3am here...

WBR, Ozerov Vasiliy aka fr33man.