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Re: Tor grassroots advocacy

Roc Admin wrote:
Hello - A little late to the party but I'm also interested in the
presentation.  There is a small advocacy group in Rochester that that has
responsible Tor advocacy as one of it's goals.

-- Roc Tor Admin

Is there contact information? I too am a little late to the party and I haven't followed the thread closely.

Rochester has also been the center of unfair bandwidth caping by Time Warner Cable. U.S. Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) is considering legislation that would prohibit TWC from continuing this abuse. Massa is quoted as saying

“At the very moment when access to digital information is at the heart of economic recovery, they’re going to go for corporate greed.” [1]

There are more links to informative sites at [1].

I see in Massa's statement a place for Tor advocacy. Economic recovery would only be hindered if access to digital information is bought at the price of privacy. Without privacy, the internet becomes a playground for exploitive and greedy corporations, of which we've seen too many examples. Such a chilling effect would discourage the public from entering into this new economic arena and decrease economic growth.

I suggest drafting a letter to Massa asking that tor nodes be also protected under his draft legislation and cite recent abuses lodged at McCabe by TWC as yet another example of corporate greed run amok.

[1] http://rochesterturning.com/2009/04/08/massa-opposes-time-warner-cable-fee-increase/


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