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Re: tor with OpenDNS as default DNS, using Firefox+FoxyProxy

     On Sun, 12 Apr 2009 09:05:07 -0700 (PDT) Tripple Moon
<tripple.moon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>--- On Mon, 4/6/09, Scott Bennett <bennett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>  [much stuff deleted  --SB]
>> >>
>> >     You haven't mentioned your reason(s) for
>> wanting to do such a thing.
>> >I surmise that you do not intend to use tor for
>> anonymity but rather for some
>> >other end, such as tunneling through a firewall.  tor,
>> however, is designed
>> >with the aim of preserving anonymity, so it issues
>> those messages to let the
>> >user/operator know that some application *may* be
>> breaking anonymity.  If
>> >your aim is different from that of tor, you may just
>> have to put up with the
>> >messages.  Given that the messages are logged to a
>> file, if anywhere, is that
>> >a problem?  You don't *have* to look at them, after
>> all.
>My reason(s) for this scenario is so that:

     I missed this in my latest response:

>1) I am able to use custom DNS-Servers for both my client and others that use my exit point, without the warning messages.

     Those warning messages are caused by client-side code in tor in response
to requests made to its SOCKS port; they are not issued as a result of your
relay providing exit services.

>2) My, the operators, custom DNS-Servers can speedup _and_ aid in anonymity by blocking/re-directing certain domain names to other IP's.
>Which will, in the case of OpenDNS, return a small HTML with a message telling its blocked.

     Providing such a page as a substitute for a response from the proper
destination is in itself justification for immediate classification of your
exit relay as a bad exit.  *Any* alteration/substitution of data qualifies the
culpable exit relay for a BadExit flag.

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