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Tor is out

Tor marks the first release candidate for the 0.2.1.x
series. It begins fixing some major performance problems, and also finally
addresses the bug that was causing relays on dynamic IP addresses to
fall out of the directory.

This is a release candidate! That means that we don't know of any
remaining show-stopping bugs, and this will become the new stable if
there are no problems. Please test it, and tell us about any problems
that you find.


Changes in version - 2009-04-12
  o Major features:
    - Clients replace entry guards that were chosen more than a few months
      ago. This change should significantly improve client performance,
      especially once more people upgrade, since relays that have been
      a guard for a long time are currently overloaded.

  o Major bugfixes (on 0.2.0):
    - Finally fix the bug where dynamic-IP relays disappear when their
      IP address changes: directory mirrors were mistakenly telling
      them their old address if they asked via begin_dir, so they
      never got an accurate answer about their new address, so they
      just vanished after a day. For belt-and-suspenders, relays that
      don't set Address in their config now avoid using begin_dir for
      all direct connections. Should fix bugs 827, 883, and 900.
    - Relays were falling out of the networkstatus consensus for
      part of a day if they changed their local config but the
      authorities discarded their new descriptor as "not sufficiently
      different". Now directory authorities accept a descriptor as changed
      if bandwidthrate or bandwidthburst changed. Partial fix for bug 962;
      patch by Sebastian.
    - Avoid crashing in the presence of certain malformed descriptors.
      Found by lark, and by automated fuzzing.

  o Minor features:
    - When generating circuit events with verbose nicknames for
      controllers, try harder to look up nicknames for routers on a
      circuit. (Previously, we would look in the router descriptors we had
      for nicknames, but not in the consensus.) Partial fix for bug 941.
    - If the bridge config line doesn't specify a port, assume 443.
      This makes bridge lines a bit smaller and easier for users to
    - Raise the minimum bandwidth to be a relay from 20000 bytes to 20480
      bytes (aka 20KB/s), to match our documentation. Also update
      directory authorities so they always assign the Fast flag to relays
      with 20KB/s of capacity. Now people running relays won't suddenly
      find themselves not seeing any use, if the network gets faster
      on average.
    - Update to the "April 3 2009" ip-to-country file.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Avoid trying to print raw memory to the logs when we decide to
      give up on downloading a given relay descriptor. Bugfix on
    - In tor-resolve, when the Tor client to use is specified by
      <hostname>:<port>, actually use the specified port rather than
      defaulting to 9050. Bugfix on
    - Make directory usage recording work again. Bugfix on
    - When starting with a cache over a few days old, do not leak
      memory for the obsolete router descriptors in it. Bugfix on
    - Avoid double-free on list of successfully uploaded hidden
      service discriptors. Fix for bug 948. Bugfix on
    - Change memarea_strndup() implementation to work even when
      duplicating a string at the end of a page. This bug was
      harmless for now, but could have meant crashes later. Fix by
      lark. Bugfix on
    - Limit uploaded directory documents to be 16M rather than 500K.
      The directory authorities were refusing v3 consensus votes from
      other authorities, since the votes are now 504K. Fixes bug 959;
      bugfix on 0.0.2pre17 (where we raised it from 50K to 500K ;).
    - Directory authorities should never send a 503 "busy" response to
      requests for votes or keys. Bugfix on; exposed by
      bug 959.

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