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Re: Internet censorship in Germany is now official

Eugen Leitl wrote:
> So they've been logging connection info for 3+ months already,
> and now there's censorship (currently implemented via DNS, but this
> will change, of course), logging of the blocked connections, and
> all kind of ominous language and promises to extend the censorship 
> list (secret, of course, and you'll get your house searched and
> your computers confiscated even if you link upon a link upon a link
> to the leaked list) to all kinds of things, and cooperation with
> IP owners.
> (achtung, kraut)
> http://www.heise.de/newsticker/Bundeskabinett-beschliesst-Gesetzesentwurf-zu-Kinderporno-Sperren--/meldung/136556 
Is that means that German's owners of tor exit-nodes must save such logs
or that rules concerns only internet providers?
P.S. I think that it may be qualifed as violation of art. 8 of Rome
Convention, and it is needed to make social initiative conserning
brining applications to the European Court of Human Rights.