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Re: Version checking (was Re: 25 tbreg relays in directory)

On 4/29/09, Tripple Moon <tripple.moon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > >IMHO, this kind of "login procedure to enter the tor-network"
> > >will make it more secure and manageable.
> >
> >      More secure and manageable for whom??  Big Brother?
> > Obviously not for
> > the supposedly anonymous tor user...jeesh.
> Ofcourse not silly....
> - More secure for the "anonymous tor user" because he will be forced to upgrade
> its client to stay connected to the tor-network, if (s)he doesn't upgrade his/her
> insecure client (s)he will be denied by other tor's to the network.
> - More manageable for the tor development team, because they will know
> exactly which versions are being used by current users of the tor program.

IMHO, just adding a list of allowed versions in the consensus will
accomplish just that, without the need of all that extra traffic and
CRC complexity.


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