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ExcludeNodes doesn't work right

     About a day ago, I added a list of obsolete nodes, mostly running 0.1.*.*
releases, to my ExcludeNodes list in torrc.  One of those was TSL.  I still
see TSL being chosen for routes for circuits.  I've noticed such apparent
violations and commented upon them previously here.
     What I don't yet know is whether I might be misunderstanding what
ExcludeNodes is supposed to do, based upon my understanding of the tor man
page, which says,

ExcludeNodes node,node,...
       A  list  of  identity fingerprints, nicknames, country codes and
       address patterns of nodes to never use when building a  circuit.
       (Example:  ExcludeNodes SlowServer, $ABCDEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, {cc},

It seems to me that as soon as I send tor a SIGHUP after adding a node to
ExcludeNodes in torrc, tor ought to begin excluding it from future path
selections and ought also to remove it from its list of chosen entry guards
if it is in that list.  If my understanding of what ExcludeNodes is supposed
to do is incorrect, I'd very much appreciate someone letting me know and also
some advice as to how to accomplish real, immediate exclusion of the node from
any new circuits established by the client side of tor.
     Thanks for any information on this matter.

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